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Our products are curated and modified with the help of nanotechnology to ensure better durability, shine and protection.

Paint Protection Film

Auto-glaze PPF is expertly designed to deliver the highest level of protection. It’s a specially formulated thermoplastic polyurethane film which not only protects the vehicles from scratches but also from minor damages caused by stone chips...


Armor Graphene

The Auto-glaze are taking their automobile protective coating game to the next level with DNA Graphene Coating. Unlike any other coating product in the market currently, this brand new coating has 10H Hardness and outshines its ...

Armor Absolute

Armor Absolute is our top of the line exterior protection service which shines the vehicle just like the day when it was first bought. It brings the best out of a vehicle by getting rid of the old and dull layer and replacing it with a shiny and new one.

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We strive to provide an advanced opportunity to automotive drivers via high-end True 9H Ceramic Nano Tech Coatings

Our products are curated and modified with the help of nanotechnology to ensure better durability, shine and protection. We design our products with the sole motive of taking care of the interiors as well as the exteriors of each automotive.

Our Services

We Offer Premium Services With Better Quality

Ceramic coating

ceramic coating services focus on long term paint protection and enhances its gloss to give it a showroom like shine.

Paint protection film

The Paint protection film is a Thermoplastic Urethane often self healing applied to painted surfaces  …


Do wraps damage the paint? No. wraps do not damage the paint. In fact, wrapping your car Get Complete….


Can you apply Ceramic coating over paint protection film?

When thinking about ceramic coating and PPF, a lot of questions might be going through your mind. Can it be applied over PPF? Are the two compatible with each other? Does ceramic coating peel off because of PPF and so on..

Car service worker applying nano coating on a car detail.
Things you must know before you spend on Ceramic Coating Services

Nano ceramic coating is a liquid based polymer, said to have 9H hardness on Mohs scale (Diamond has 10H), that is applied on a surface to provide it with defensive capabilities and prolonging vehicle paint life.


How to clean your car’s interior - 8 Best Tips.

Are you enthusiast to take your ride for a spin but are turned off as soon as you enter it? Well, a dirty car interior can make it happen and it’s not a pleasant experience at all. But no worries as in this post we’ll teach you how to clean ...

Why Choose Us

Being a leader in automotive detailing, Auto-glaze offers the highest quality shine and nano ceramic coating for vehicles of all segments. If infusing life into an old vehicle or making a new one shine brighter is something you are interested in, you’ve landed at just the perfect place.

Supreme Shine & elegance guaranteed

Our detailing and protection give maximum shine and protection to your ride.

Since 2016

We deliver the best quality vehicle gloss and nano ceramic coating for more than 5 years now.

65+ Studios

Our brand is trusted and invested in by automobile enthusiasts and entrepreneurs all over India.


We’re fully transparent with our services. Our customers can witness the entire detailing process of their vehicles.

Premium &Advanced Technology

We have the most advanced detailing and coating technology to give your ride an unmatched finish.

Trained Professionals

Our detailing services are executed by a team of highly trained and experienced detailing professionals.

Free Demonstration

You can contact us anytime to get a detailing demonstration and that too absolutely free.

24/7 Customer Support

We’re available 24×7 for customers' detailing related queries and further support.

Get Ready To Transform Your Ride

Auto-glaze is India’s leading car detailing services and nano ceramic coating services brand that makes a vehicle look superb through its premium range of products and services. It was brought to India from Singapore in 2016 by an automobile fanatic with a vision to shine and protect the maximum number of vehicles possible. We have established ourselves firmly in the industry and expanded to 65+ studios all over India and the world.

We specialize in washing, detailing, and car and bike coating for vehicles such as ‘Skin Restoration Service’ (SRS), 9H DNA Absolute Nano Ceramic Coating, Paint Protection Film, 10H DNA Graphene to name a few.

We make use of the latest and the most advanced technology in the automotive detailing industry as well as high-quality and environment-friendly products to give a superior look to a vehicle. More importantly, our staff is passionate about their job and highly motivated to make you feel great about your ride.
With already more than 20+ (studios) under our belt, we want to lead the Indian automotive detailing industry and that too by staying true to our values and our respect for our customers’ money and time.

Apart from the glory we feel in giving the best shine and 9H Ceramic Coating to vehicles, we don’t want to move forward alone.
That’s why we have franchise opportunities with low investment for automobile enthusiasts or anyone who want to start a profitable business so that we can establish ourselves as the leaders of automotive detailing, together.



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Brands We have Worked on

We’ve worked on almost every automobile brand. All of them have undergone our signature detailing services and we’ve received ample of good reviews from their proud owners.
We look forward to covering all big and small automobile brands under our umbrella and serve as many customers as possible.